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Turn your gift cards into cash

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Exchange gift cards

Get cash fast for your unwanted gift cards at over 300 stores in The Kroger Family of Companies. Whether you have a physical or electronic gift card, you can exchange them for cash. Just click to find the closest store with a kiosk and get paid in-store.

Cards to cash in

  • Step One

    Enter gift card information and ID

  • Step Two

    Review the offer (can pay up to 92% of the value)

  • Step Three

    Accept the offer and get your cash

Exchange cards

With over 200 locations, you can conveniently turn your gift cards into cash. All you need is your gift card(s), state or government issued ID, mobile number, and email address.

Your card,

Unsure whether you will get an offer you like? Don’t worry, the choice is yours. If you are happy with the offer, accept and get your cash, if not, simply cancel the transaction.

Find your nearest kiosk

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The value depends on the value in the secondary market. The more people who want to buy a gift card, the higher a price can be offered. The value thus varies across merchants.

Cardpool accepts more than 250 major retailer gift cards and counting. Find your nearest store to see which cards they accept as the list of available cards changes due to a variety of factors.

You will find Cardpool kiosk in various Kroger, Fred Meyer, Fry's, Smith's, King Soopers, and Dillons stores. Find the closest store to you using our store locator.

No, gift cards to The Kroger Family of Companies cannot be exchanged.

Absolutely, just bring along the gift card code, found on the email confirmation.

Yes, you can get an offer for the remaining balance on a partially used gift card provided it has more than $15 on it.

Absolutely. Cardpool works very closely with Law Enforcement and regularly responds to request for information.

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