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Want to know more about managing money with us? Read some of our reviews and comments to see what our customers think.

I love shopping at this Kroger because I can go in and get my money order in a timely manner, without having to wait in a long line. The customer service staff are so very friendly and professional. They always greet you with a warm smile. I always come to this Kroger for that purpose every month!

We went to the money services counter to get a money order for our apartment’s rent. The employee that worked with us, Vickie, was extremely nice, well-informed and invested in helping us. She was friendly and honestly made our experience at Smith’s more enjoyable. Thanks, Vickie!

Had to get pet food and a money order and to have King Soopers service desk open in the late evening is so helpful, plus the ladies are always so friendly.

I was highly satisfied on this visit because I had to pick up money from Western Union and the customer Clerk was very friendly, proficient, and efficient. I did not have to wait to be served for a long time. I purchase something to drink after retrieving my money self-serve section. The manager over the self-serve section was very helpful with assisting me with my receipt. I enjoy receiving every time I purchase from Kroger. I have a 8 cylinder vehicle and I say a lot of money by purchasing gas from Kroger.

I needed a couple of money orders desperately and the machine at the convenience store where I usually purchase them was down. On a whim I decided to try Kroger, and low and behold you came to my rescue! Not only was your money services desk open after 9pm, but your money order fees were less than I am accustomed to paying! Guess where I’m going to be purchasing my money orders from for now on?!

I can move around this store pretty quickly because I come a lot. I can usually take care of most everything I need to do. For instance while I was in the store today I sent money through the western union & got a few grocery items I needed at the same time

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