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The best prepaid travel cards

Security is always a concern when traveling abroad. As careful as you may be, going away often means carrying more valuables than normal – including large amounts of cash. A prepaid travel card is a great way to ensure your money stays safe and secure when traveling abroad, especially if…


How long do checks take to clear?

Whether you’ve received a check from a loved one or you need to use one to pay a bill, not knowing when your check will clear can make budgeting your finances difficult. Unlike most other payment methods, when you deposit a check the money isn’t automatically yours to spend. Checks…


When do checks expire?

Checks are a simple way to send and receive money. But if you forget to deposit them, what happens to the money? Does the obligation to pay go away for the person writing the check? Find out what happens and whether or not checks expire below. Personal checks are typically…


How to fill out a check

Writing a check is something many of us do on a regular basis. Follow these key steps to complete yours quickly and efficiently. By writing every check this way, you’ll be able to move your money safely, quickly and protect yourself from fraud. Writing a check: step by step 1.…