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How to fill out a money order

If you need a reliable way to send a payment, a money order could be right for you. A money order is a lot like a check, except the order has been paid for in advance and is not linked to a bank account. If you need to make a…


Getting the most from your Shopper’s Card

Managing your money at Money Services brings you all kinds of benefits – it’s easy, convenient and can also save you money. Sign up for a free Shopper’s Card and you’ll get everyday discounts every time you pay a bill, cash a check or card and buy a money order.…


Managing your budget on Black Friday

With everything from games consoles to barbeque grills tempting you from the shelves – and rock-bottom prices available online too – it’s all too easy to overspend on Black Friday. By following these budget planning tips you can manage your budget better and be able to make the most of…