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Pay your AEP bill

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Money Services can help you quickly and conveniently send cash to pay your AEP bill. We can send payments the same day, and take shut-off and reconnect notices too. With locations across the US open evenings and weekends, we’re here at a time and place that suits you. Plus, you can also take advantage of our everyday low fees and exclusive digital coupons when you download them to your Shopper’s Card.

Pay your AEP bill

Money Services will help process cash, check or debit card payments for your electric bill and send them to AEP. All you need to bring is your bill stub which shows your account number, and cash to cover the bill and fee.

Paying your AEP

Using Money Services to pay your energy bill is simple.

It saves time

  • Visit us on evenings and weekends, at a time to suit you
  • We’re based at your local grocery store, so you can pay bills and shop in one visit

It saves you money

  • Download coupons and earn special offers for managing your money with us
  • We offer great low fees

Find a

Search by state, city or ZIP code to find your local Money Services.

AEP Contact

If one of our friendly store associates can’t help you with your bill enquiry, we can help you speak to the right people at AEP.

AEP support:


AEP is one of the largest electric utilities companies in the US, serving over 5 million customers. Covering more than 200,000 square miles and delivering 26,000 megawatts of electricity, AEP is America’s strongest transmission network.

The company was founded in 1906 as the American Gas and Electric Company, and has been trading in energy delivery ever since. In 2015, AEP added a number of large-scale solar facilities to its estate, confirming its ongoing commitment to sustainable energy provision.


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  • CheckFreePay
  • Firstech
  • Fidelity Express
  • Money Gram

This retailer is an authorized delegate of CheckFreePay Corporation, Fidelity Express, Firstech and Western Union pursuant to Chapter 151 of the Texas Finance Code, Subchapter E, Conduct of Money Transmission Business.

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